Thunderball Results Tonight​

It is very exciting news that, thunderball results tonight are recently updated and you can check your ticket numbers on this webpage. Thunderball results are published on each draw date at exact time on regular basis on this website. Moreover, you can also get more information about Thunderball playing procedure.

Thunder-ball is drawn four times in every week. Thunder-ball is drawn on every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 8: 15 pm according to the standard time of United Kingdom. you can check all the Thunderball draw detail on this website when lottery results are confirmed. Thunderball tonight winning numbers are published in very simplest and user-friendly form. You can check these numbers in well designed boxes.

Latest Draw Results

Saturday, April 10th, 2021







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How to play for Thunderball Results

Thunder-ball is very easy and exciting game to play even a new comer can play this simple game easily. There are 1 to 39 numbers in this game and you have to choose five main numbers from the given numbers and one Thunder-ball from 1 to 14 numbers. If you match five main numbers plus one thunder-ball you can win jackpot. If you want to play Thunderball results for tonight you can follow these simple steps.

• choose five main number from 1 to 39
• choose one number from 1 to 14
• decide how many lines you want to play
• you can use lucky dip or number generator also

If you want to play Thunder-ball you have to buy ticket to enter in this game like other games. You can buy Thunder-ball tickets from any of authorized dealer anywhere in United Kingdom. If you want to play Thunder-ball online you can join this game online also. The ticket cost per line is £1.

How to win?

If you have joined Thuder-ball and want to participate in Thunderball results tonight then it is necessary for you to know about wining prize procedure. You can see all the detail of wining prize after matching main numbers and Thunder-ball.

  • 5 Main Numbers + ThunderBall £500, 000
  • 5 Main Numbers £5,000
  • 4 Main Numbers + ThunderBall £250
  • 4 Main Numbers £100
  • 3 Main Numbers + ThunderBall £20
  • 3 Main Numbers £10
  • 2 Main Numbers + ThunderBall £10
  • 1 Main Number + ThunderBall £5
  • No Main Number + ThunderBall £3

How to claim prize?

If you won the prize you can claim winning prize within 180 days from the draw date. Claiming prize depends that how you have played. if you played form any authorized dealer you can receive your winning amount directly from the retailer in case of bigger amount you have to contact with national lottery office. On the other hand, if you played online you can receive your wining amount directly into you account. If you have won bigger amount then you have to contact with office.

Thunderball results for tonight are published on official website and magazines when results are announced. You can also check Thunderball results tonight on our website when results confirmed by office. We update these results time to time. We do this job just to help the players towards the Thunder-ball.

Thunderball Good causes

Thunder-ball good cause is that, a big part collected amount form the Thunder-ball is funded into welfare organizations. The collected amount is funded partly into educational sector, healthcare and arts and other welfare sectors.

That’s all about thunderball results tonight that we have explained above in this post. If you have other any question you can ask form us without any hesitation our expert team will reply you soon. Thanks.